Claude Davis: Writer of the lost ways

Claude Davis is a survival expert. He is not just an ordinary survival expert. He has an experience of over 30 years. He is also a survivor man who can survive any catastrophe without getting any help. Claude Davis visualized this era with people as having lack of survival skills. So he thought of creating a book which included tips for surviving and has many survival techniques. He consulted many authors and survival experts and thus finally published the book in the lost ways in 2015.  The book the lost ways review and gives us in depth overview of how to survive during harsh conditions by preparing one step ahead of the future. He has published this book both as an electronic format as well as printed versions. Printed versions are for those who do not have internet connection and is a hard cover book while the electronic version of this book is in the forms of pdf and eBook. The survival knowledge is what is encrypted in the book the lost ways.  Here are some points highlighted from the book the lost ways.

Getting prepared and being ready for whatever is coming

We are aware of the fact that there is always life lost during a natural disaster like flood, earthquakes or cyclones and tornadoes. While most people die of accidents in the disaster, others die because they are not having survival skills. As those people were not prepared and ready enough to survive what was coming therefore they were not able to survive more than a couple of days. And that is what is described in the book and is also written about how to be prepared enough for a catastrophe.

Taking Proactive measures to ensure survival

Claude Davis in the book the lost ways shows us how to not overact in any kind of emergency situation like getting trapped during an earthquake or flood and thus take measures needed for the survival. He shows us how not to panic and handle the emergency situation calmly.

Self Preservation Skills

Main points focused on this book are surviving the after effects and aftermath of a catastrophe and disaster. He shows you how to store enough foods, how to collect water during the emergency? How to light a fire to boil water or cook food. The first thing to do in an emergency is to treat wounds and infections first. But if you do not have emergency first aid kit to treat the wounds and also you are not a doctor then what will you do. He teaches us in the book to treat wounds and infections with basic and simple things and thus to heal them.

In case of War what would you do?

After having a quick look on the current circumstances one might presume that a war is in effect in near future but when no one knows or there may be no war. But what if a war approaches? He discloses some basic tips on how to survive during wars and how to survive if you are out of ammunition and other stuffs needed.

Implementation of ways described in the book

The book gives us easy and skilful ways to survive a catastrophe like earthquake, flood, cyclones or wars. But no one can implement those ways in the war for the first time. Anything and everything needs practice. So these books have such surviving tips which you can implement on your back yard before implementing them in the real life scenario. And thus it gives an in-depth view of survival skills.