The Lost Ways: A Perfect Survival Guide?

Putting The Lost Ways In Context: Our Relationship With Nature

The world is changing, the nature itself it is changing. The nature is changing in two ways: natural changing and artificial changing (based on human intervention). If the nature is changing in a naturally way, it is okay, because this is how it must be. But, the problem is when nature is changing by the human factor. Between the `mother nature`, and mankind must be an equilibrium, the two elements (nature and mankind) are coexisting together. When the fragile equilibrium between the nature and mankind is shaken we, as mankind, are in trouble.

Since the Industrial Revolution mankind has turned against nature in the most brutal way. It is okay to exploit nature because we have to live, but we have to pay attention at the degree of exploiting it. If we exploit the nature too much, maybe, on short-term we will be on profit, but, on medium-term and long-term  we are losing. In these days, mankind has achieved an amazing level of development, and that is good for us, at least for short-term. On long-term the mankind is losing. Pollution is growing and it is affecting almost everyone of us. Next generations will pay the price of what we have done. If we think that nature is like a cow with unlimited milk we are wrong. If we `milk` too much the `mother nature` she will respond to us with landslides ( as a result of mass deforestation) global warming ( as a result of mass pollution and, also, deforestation) and many other negative things for us.


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Our ancestors, hundreds and thousands of years-ago, knew how to coexist with nature better than we know and doing today. The society of today feels comfortable with mass exploiting of nature. The mankind is destroying itself by destroying the nature and, if we, as mankind, do not change our attitude towards nature, the things will get pretty ugly soon. As we have weapons, the nature has its own `weapons`, weapons like: landslides, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and many other mass `destruction weapons`. According to the bad things that we are doing to nature (deforestation, pollution, etc.), the `mother nature` does not hesitate to use its own `weapons` against us. Our relationship with nature is deteriorating so fast, that it is not surprise if cataclysmic events will occur in the years to come. The lost ways review from all over the world says this book is worth reading.

About Claude Davis – The Author:

There is no much information about, claude davis lost ways, the author of  The Lost Ways. But as much as we know, he is a man interested in survival techniques. He claims that he has dozens of years of experience in survival domain. Claude Davis thinks that, between today society and our ancestors society appeared and developed, in time, a gap, a gap that he is trying to cover with  this very book, The Lost Ways. As the book name say, Claude Davis is trying, through his writing, to carry the society to its `lost ways. You can read more about this author here

What’s in it for you?

In his book, The Lost Ways, Claude Davis is searching for solutions that can save us in times of hard survival. His book is about a guide of basic techniques of survival that can help us when disasters occur. One of the ideas of Claude Davis book is that we have to come back to our ancestors in finding survival skills, skills and survival techniques based on traditional and basic things. Indeed, when a disaster occur at a global level, technology can no longer save us. He has explained in details all the things you need to survive, like he mentioned about how you can preserve drinking water for yourself, he explained how you can food that is nutrient rich and can be preserved for many years, similarly he has explained about hunting, cooking housing and all. Basically everything that you need to survive, you can learn from this book.
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Some practical things that Claude Davis is teaching us in his book:

  • how to make underground houses
  • how to use plants in medicinal objectives
  • how to prepare traps from nature elements and how to hunt wild animal
  • how to prepare food from the elements that are in nature that can stand for years
  • any many other interesting things

Apart from this, two bonus reports that are available for limited time. One is can rotation system that will guide you about how you can rotate and preserve 700 cans of food. In second bonus report you will get to know what kind of plants you should have in your garden so that you can get everything that you need from your garden at the time of disaster.

PROS of the The Lost Ways:

  • The skills described in this book, maybe, will not be able to one hundred percent save you in a case of a catastrophic event, but, at least, it will help you. In the matter of survival guides/techniques, The Lost Ways is one of the best book  available on the market. You have to know that there is no perfect book, you can find just good books or bad books. Claude Davis`s The Lost Way sis part of the category of good books that is worthy for you to read. As the title of the book said, we have to go back to our ancestors in order to learn how to pass periods of natural disasters. Maybe you think, `Why to go back to our ancestors? We have technology!`. `We have technology` it is not such a good solution because, in case of disasters, in some cases,  there will be no technology. So, The Lost Ways is trying to show us that our ancestors survival techniques are more reliable than technology and modern survival skills.
  • It is a well-written book, the language used is easy to understand for almost everyone. Also, the quality and the format of the book are more than good for readers
  • The book contains a lot of cheap or money free survival techniques

CONS  of the The Lost Ways:

  • The book is available just in ebook format, bad news for old style readers
  • There is no audio-video elements to show better how to do the things that are described and explained in the book
  • If you just go with the idea that this book is gonna save you in a case of disaster, you are, simply, wrong.
  • Reading this book will not make you regret. But, also, this book is not a `warranty` that doing the things described in the book papers will save you in a case of a disaster.

Money-Back Guarantee:

So, is The Lost Ways, a reliable book, a book that can help you? Due to its main idea to go back to our ancestors to find survival techniques, indeed, it is. The volume of survival-based information in this book is amazing. This book is one of the most interesting and well-written books in the survival techniques domain. Also, the book is centered on traditional/primitive survival techniques, one of the few survival books than do that. Alot of survival books are based on modern survival techniques, that need modern technology’s and money. Many people ask that like so many other books is lost ways scam as well. The fact is that there is no scam. The amazing thing about it is that you get 60 days full money back guarantee if you don’t like the book or don’t see any difference. You can also check the review here and can make yourself more confident before purchasing this book. You can read the more info at

The Final Verdict – Is The Lost Ways a Scam?

The Lost Ways focus on personal, primitive and money free survival techniques. From this perspective, this book is a book worthy to read not just because you are passionate or interested in survival books, but because, reading this book may help you in a situation of a natural disaster. Remember, the content of this book may help you in case of disasters but it does not warrant that can save you. But, better to know some personal and cheap survival techniques than nothing.

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