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Of course, all of us passed by moment in which we felt the pain in the neck or back when we woke up what make us unable to do any work even if it's as simple.

Doctors believe that the cause of neck pain and back is friction spine due to calcification and erosion Cartilages that separates them, as a result of lack of movement or a wrong movement, and there is often atrophy in the muscles of patients who suffer from these pains.

But the cold and power antenna also cause pain in the neck, but they often disappear on their own after two days. As well as psychological problems can also cause pain, like sitting sinner.

Often people who sit for long periods suffer from neck pain, so the movement is very necessary for them. Besides sitting in the right posture, prevention from cold air stream and doing relaxation exercises and movement of body are best way to avoid neck and back pain

The movement contributes to the stability of the bone and muscle strengthening, and even when there is a severe pain; one should not lie down in bed for a long time.

Recent research has shown that movement and exercise regularly contribute to the reduction of pain and also even in her disappearance. But who does not have the time for it; you can at least climb the stairs instead of the elevator or dispense with the car sometimes and walk away

And most of us resort to the assumption that the cause of this pain is sleeping in the wrong position while this assumption may be wrong most of the time.

In this context, Lady Huffington says that:

The reason could be farther than sleeping in the wrong position Since the sudden pain in the neck or back may be the result of the accumulation of pressure on these areas of the body, which may cause pain in them over the long term.

And he tells his story in his work, where he says that most of the cases complaining of neck pain

or back are office workers which require sitting on the desk in front of computer screens for more than 40 hours a week.

In most cases, the patient's complaint is that it be a wake up one day and could not do the usual respective movements such as moving his hands. But when I roll into the nature of his work I find that this person spends a long time sitting in front of computer screens on his desk.

Over time, it increases pressure on the regions of the neck and back, which may be a major cause of pain in these areas while you may not be in front of an alternative to change this position while you work or even reduce them.

So you should take regular breaks to be able to change your posture and take your body out of that sustained position.

According to Lady, computer screens may be a major cause of neck pain and back pain, with some contributing factors such as how far your monitor is away from you, your chair set up, the height of the desk, whether you have to reach for things etc.