Useful Infant Nutrition Information

Feeding your new born baby and also the little child as it grows up could be a big challenge. While many children are good eaters, there could be many others who are obstinate and parents have to put up with lot of tantrums and other such issues. However, this does not mean they should give up on feeding the little ones. It is important to understand some of the most important and proven infant nutrition info which certainly could help in its normal growth and well being. We often mistake that babes, infants and growing children should drink and eat a lot to be strong and healthy. The quality of nutrition that the baby takes in is more important than quality alone. Over the next few lines we will try and have a look at a few such tips which could be helpful in more ways than one

Stick To Either Breast Milk Or Formula

While there is no doubt that breast milk is the most ideal nutrient and food for new born babies, it alone may not be sufficient. There could be situations where the mother may not be able to secrete the required amount of breast milk. Under such situations, it would be better to switch over to formula milk. Healthy and normal new born babies do not require too much of water, fluids or fruit juice. Mother’s milk and infant formula in that order would be enough. This should be in line with the nutrients babies need and requirement.

Importance Of Feeding On Demand

A normal new born baby would need eight to twelve feedings per day, which will work out to one to two feedings every two to three hours. You must as a mother be on the lookout for symptoms and actions which point towards hunger. These could include stretching and stirring or sucking movement of the lip. This will be followed by crying and fussing as the baby grows. Hence when you are looking for tight nutrients for infants you must keep the above in mind.